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Connected CTI

Our CTI Integration solution with various IVR providers make your Call Center implementation seamless and with maximum efficiency. Works both with On Premise and Cloud offerings!!

Disconnected CRM

CRM in a Call Center solution is the lifeline for customer service. Our Solution supports various domains and customers to provide them with maximum satisfaction.

Inbound Services

Implementing MS CRM in a call center scenario and enabling agents to be equipped with all information leads to effective inbound marketing. Role based implementation ensures security.

Outbound Marketing

Need a solution for running marketing campaigns for your upcoming or your hot selling product? MS CRM in a call center is the right choice for you.

CTI integration solutions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 provide pre-packaged, server-based integration that delivers real-time connectivity for contact center solutions. Businesses can more efficiently manage customer interactions and deliver superior levels of customer service.

Screen Population

Screen populations based on multiple unique attributes including phone numbers, customer ID's and display useful information such as caller's name on the agent's screen and reduce call handling time.

Multi-Channel Integration

Provides integration capabilities with multiple back end systems to extract data and present information to the Call Center Agents.

Agent Interaction

Agents can place, receive, and transfer customer interactions with real-time access to Microsoft CRM customer data. Enhanced call routing techniques using business rules and customer data residing in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 to ensure that the customer reaches the right agent at the right time.

Multi-Channel Functionality

Through CTI integration contact centers enables multi-channel functionality in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 including softphone controls, caller identification, and screen pop-ups.