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How CRM System can be Beneficial for Project Management

How CRM System can be Beneficial for Project Management

Project management involves splitting your time between meetings, managing team and customers, acquiring resources, deadlines, and many other responsibilities. You should know scope, time, quality and budget in the first place for project management. Then the secondary challenge is to optimize the distribution of necessary inputs and integrate them to meet predefined goals. Project management involves different stages of development, including:

  • Initiation – Determining the need for a project
  • Planning – Laying out all aspects
  • Execution – Launching the project
  • Monitoring – Observing the progress
  • Close out – Completing and reviewing

Manual project management is complicated, prone to errors, and time-consuming. It demands enormous efforts, however the availability of varied automated analytical, artistic and productivity tools have bridged the gap between generalist and specialist.

Today, CRM software is leading the way by helping companies organizing, automating, and synchronizing every facet of customer interaction. It involves businesses analyzing customer interactions and improving customer relationship. Microsoft Dynamics 365 can keep projects on-track, on-time and within budget. It supports project management from initiation and planning to completion and review.

A CRM softwareassists with project management in numerous ways:

  • It assists business manage the customer lifecycle in one system
  • It collaborates different teams on client initiatives and deliverables through unified task management, budgeting, project pipelines, reporting, and reminders
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365provides customer feedback with ongoing projects

Online customer relationship software offers several other benefits while managing a project, such as:

  • Tracking Milestones- Milestones keep the whole team focused on achieving certain targeted objectives. By integrating Microsoft Dynamics 365in the work operations, you can view ongoing process and how far it is from achieving desired objectives.

  • Recurring Tasks- With CRM, you can easily break projects into smaller more manageable tasks. Automate them and assign a recurring status so that you can focus on the more involved tasks without delay.

  • Project Roles- While assigning different job responsibilities in a project, it has been observed that if there are more number of participants within a project, it becomes more complicated to manage everyone’s contribution. As the platform connects the team in various ways, project roles can be distinguished by using the tracking capabilities inherently found in CRM.

Indeed, Customer relationship management helps managing projects effectively by covering specific needs, resolving unforeseen issues and accomplishing necessary tasks accurately, thereby, exceeding customer expectations. It is the need of every business irrespective of its size to make its unique stand in the market.

eLite BAM is one such platform that can streamline different work processes and can be integrated in any industry. Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, it encompasses several features and can be customized according to individual needs. Incorporating eLite BAM is beneficial for your business and can help you reaching new heights of success by automating all processes, bringing transparency and saving time as well as efforts.

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