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Why Education Setups Should Integrate Unified Payment Portal

Why Education Setups Should Integrate Unified Payment Portal

As the country moves towards a cashless environment after demonetization, the initial awe has incepted flurry of concerns. Are online transactions going to provide convenience and tangible benefits or just add additional burden to the pockets?

Departmental stores, clothing shops and other businesses are welcoming the idea of cashless environment and have incorporated online payment systems. Education sector is not behind the race!

Many schools, colleges or other education setups are looking for an effective platform to simplify finance related operations. Integrating unified payment portal is the best solution that can offer convenience to parents as well as education setups. This paperless, online fee payment process can deliver gamut of benefits, including:

  • Well-organized and Expedient: Going cashless reduces the hassle of standing in long queue to deposit payment. It also free parents from the tension of ensuring they have sufficient cash-in-hand to make payments. With unified payment portal, it has become more efficient and convenient for the masses. It also simplifies and speeds up the process of financial transaction.

  • Increased Transparency: Electronic money transactions reduce all possibilities of fraudulent and provide clear picture to the education setup about every individual payment record.

  • Aids Government Track Money Movement: With financial transactions records, Government can track the finances, thereby eliminating black money, improving government compliance & revenues for development, eradicating counterfeit currency, enhancing value of money and bringing transparency. This plays a major role in removing corruption and helps India to emerge as a better and corruption-free country.

  • Easy tracking: Cashless and digital payments facilitate the tracking of every student at any hour of the day. This also saves time and requires less manpower to manage finance department of education setups. Manually supervising fee status of students is tiresome, prone to errors and increase the risks of fraud.

  • Timely reminders: Parents are sent reminders via SMS or portal to deposit fee of their children. They can even check the payment history by login to their account. Schools and colleges can even collect money of any event organized through this platform.

  • Other benefits: Parents can access online fee payment portal round the clock to make fee payment or check any fee-related updates. It constitutes single click authentication and offers a secure platform to deposit fee. You can also raise complaint if you’ve any query. Unified payment portal will provide you complete support and ensure your queries are resolved satisfactorily.

Online fee payment portals are user-friendly and easy to access. They are advantageous to every individual who is related to the education setup. It is a boon for working parents, allowing them making fee payment at any hour of day. Also, you can make payments in a blink of a second with it. Indeed, school fee software has made all the financial process easier and provides a secure platform, thus eliminating safety issues. Incorporating it in your school or college is a sagacious idea that will benefit you immensely. Get in touch with a right service provider today to reap its maximum benefits!

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