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eQuaze is a Online Query Redressal System

for all industries, like e-commerce, education that empowers you to manage complex queries effectively. The complainant can raise his complain hassle-free by providing all the relevant information on this platform. It consists of diverse features with an aim to offer ease to all the concerned individuals. Here, all the concerned individuals will get benefits, like:

  • eQuaze (Online Query Redressal System) sends notification about the query to the respective stakeholder
  • Request owner can track the status of the raised query anytime, anywhere by simply filling the required details
  • Online Query Redressal System software creates a positive culture by understanding and resolving concerns in a short time

Working of eQuaze
eQuaze is a Online Query Redressal System for all industries.

Acknowledging Query :- The complaint is acknowledged as manifestation of the true experience of individual
Resolve Query :- The actual cause of Query is identified by examining all the facts and remedial actions are implemented accordingly to prevent repetition of the Query.
Closure and Follow-up :- The Query is resolved and the aggrieved complainant is asked whether he is satisfied with the services in order to ensure that the query has been resolved completely and adequately